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Colour Measure for Tomato

Tomato Color Measurement

Tomato products - ketchup, puree, pasta sauces or soup require color consistency. Any change in tone of redness of the final product may damage the brand image of the manufacturer. We provide assured quality and comprehensive set of end to end colour measure for tomato.

The color measuring device should be used during different stages in manufacturing in colour measurement for tomato.

During the first stage, where the raw material is introduced in the production line, the color reader can sort the fresh tomatoes with the substandard ones.

During the next stage, where the tomatoes are heated under controlled temperature, the darker or lighter color of the batch can signify if the heating was correct or not. Additionally, the effect of catalysts or agents to the batch can also be checked based on the color variation.

In the final stage, the color check helps to confirm the quality of the product and reject the product if there were any unwanted irregularities during production.

Colour measure for tomato