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Coffee Colour Measurement

Measuring Colour for Coffee

Coffee we enjoy daily is made from powdered roasted coffee. Different roasted levels lead to different aroma, flavour and taste of coffee. The Speciality Coffee Association of Americas (SCAA) has systematically classified the Roasting degree into 8 levels.

Leading and exporting coffee powder manufacturers have replaced the traditional(visual) classification of roast levels by introducing the color measuring devices in their manufacturing units. Colour measurement for coffee by measuring color devices and show the results in the Pass/Fail format or give the result in L*a*b* format.

The color measurement is needed across all stages of coffee production – Sorting at entry level, Roasting at production and Grading during packaging.

Entry level – Color measurement devices are needed here to sort the coffee beans at the entry level. Only those coffee beans which carry the required color levels are picked and forwarded to the production stage. If all color variations are removed in this level, then consistent production is maintained and better yields are obtained at the final stage.

Production stage – The coffee bean goes through different stages during the entire Roasting process. The shift of the stage is done by checking the color of Roast. From green to dark brown the bean transforms from one color to another under different temperature changes. The change of heating temperature has to be done at the right time(when the color is correct) to get perfect results.

Colour Measuring for Coffee

Packaging – The final roasted bean is again color checked for final grading. This helps the manufacturer to separate the coffee beans into categories of export, local consumptions or pricing.

Konica Minolta – CR 410 C uses the SCAA index to classify the roast levels. Many leading coffee manufacturers have greatly benefited by using this device.

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