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Spectrophotometer CM-3600A Suppliers


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Features of Spectrophotometer

  • Horizontally oriented, bench-top Spectrophotometer that is highly accurate and gives good repeatability.
  • Can provide virtually simultaneous SCI / SCE measurements and 8 degree calculation of gloss.
  • Can accurately measure materials treated with fluoroscent whitening agents such as paper & cloth.
  • Can do measurement of both reflectance and transmittance for opaque and transparent/translucent solid materials .
  • With accessories, can also do transmittance measurement for liquids.
  • 3 measurement areas to suit all measurement needs.

Applications of Spectrophotometer

Automotive, cosmetics, electronics, construction, chemicals, food, ink, medical, pakcaging, paint, paper, pharma, textile, plastics. Spectrophotometer, suppliers, exporters and traders in Mumbai India to entire world deliver measurement Measuring Color since 1980 with assured quality, reliability, safety and durability.