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Spectrophotometer Machine CM-3630

Color Measurement Spectrophotometer

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Features of Color Measurement Spectrophotometer

  • Spectrophotometer machine with assured quality, efficiency, safety, reliability and durability.
  • Spectrophotometer machine price in India is low from Mumbai to worldwide spectrophotometers machines industries.
  • Vertically oriented, bench-top spectrophotometer that can visually check the characteristics of paper.
  • Can accurately and quickly measure brightness, fluorescence, opacity, whiteness, color, and tint.
  • Can be controlled by the computer.
  • Uncompromised quality due to perfect adherence to ISO and SCAN, DIN, TAPPI, CPPA & AFNOR .
  • Perfect compliance to ISO optical standards 2469 and 2470.
  • Numerical UV control gives perfect calibration and accurate adjustments to whiteness and tint.
  • Numerical UV control and paper control software gives perfect correlation between old & new data.

Applications of Colour Measurement Spectrophotometer

Paper, pulp and cellulose industries. Spectrophotometer machine price in India, Mumbai to worldwide since 1980.