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About Us

The objective behind this website is to act as a single source of information for all applications where color of the product is critical to the quality of the product. Any color variations of the final product can directly harm the brand image of it's manufacturer. Hence, almost all industries today, have resorted to the use of color and light measuring devices to maintain consistency in their final product's quality

Konica Minolta (Japan)

Konica Minolta - is the world pioneer in manufacturing of colour and light measurement instruments. Konica Minolta's measuring instruments help improve quality control and precision in a wide variety of industries. The spectrophotometers, color readers, colorimeters, light meters, luminance meters and illuminant meters etc are used for essential color and light management in many manufacturing plants.

Konica Minolta's spectrophotometers, chroma meters, gloss meter, luminance meters and skin colour analysis software etc are some of the industries highly used and referred products.

Popular within research and manufacturing environments, Konica Minolta's product give high performance, precise color measurement solutions help organizations formulate, evaluate, and control color to meet product quality and operational goals more efficiently.

Thousands of companies across the globe choose to depend on Konica Minolta equipment when color measurement, light measurement or 3D measurement is vital to the manufacturing process. Konica Minolta products can be found in a wide array of industries including food, plastics, paints, coatings, automotive, aerospace and cosmetics.

JISL ( India )

Founded in 1987 in Mumbai, Jay Instruments & Systems Pvt. Ltd. (JISL) is a part of the BSE listed-Jaysynth group and it has 20 years of experience in providing high quality machinery, lab instruments and automation systems.

JISL is the Indian exclusive partner of Konica Minolta-Japan for more than 10 years for their colour and light measurement instruments and devices. JISL provides the required sales and service for the Konica Minolta's products.