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Chroma Meter CR-400 / CR-410

Chroma Meter CR-400

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Features of Chroma Meter CR 400 / 410

  • Compact, handheld color measuring chromameter that is applicable in many applications across different industries.
  • Battery operated or AC adapter connected. It can measure and print on site.
  • 1000 measurements can be stored internally or 2000 measurements when connected to data processor.
  • LCD screen can display pass/fail results and color difference graphs.
  • With accessories - Powders, liquids and pastes can be measured.
  • In combination with the SPectraMagic NX software, the user can easily view, edit and evaluate the data to check for advanced quality control functions.
  • The software can fetch the data from the device, analyse it and print it.
  • Easy migration of data between old and new software. Data can be exported to excel.
  • Users can define their calculation formulas as per their applications.

Applications of Chroma Meter CR 400 / 410

Food, chemical, plastics, cosmetics, electronics, medicals. Chroma Meter CR 400 manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and traders in Mumbai India to entire world with assured quality, safety, reliability, durability and efficiency