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Baked & Bread Color Measurement

Bread colour measurement in Mumbai India to all over the world from 1987 with assured quality, reliability safety and security. We are trusted and dominant manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and also a service provider of bread measuring colour including baked food (cake, petiz etc) colour measurement in India and Overseas. Our colour measure devices which are used determining the location of a colour on the XYZ axis of non-radioactive products, can read the difference in colour; it’s depended on customer's requirements or needs. We provide most popular Colour Meter Model in our range of products and these devices are also perform measurements on a wide variety of bread or baked food.

Features of Bread or Baked food Colour Measurement

  • Low cost compare to others companies and agencies
  • Provide maximum portability
  • One button calculation provide information
  • These are some important features and these features are helpful for every customer to proper colour measuring is a crucial part of real or successful baking.

If you add too much flour(above right quantity) to cake batter then the cake may come out tough and dry so measurement devices play a great role in baked and other foods (like ketchup, coffee etc.). JISL is one of the famous companies who receive approval for the instrumental evaluation of Food Colour, Colour Quality, General Mills and Bakeries. Our team understand customers’ requirements (such as consistent automated measurement of bread dough and baked loaves) very well and always perform their best because our technical staff members are well educated and expert in their work. They work together like strong team. Customers always satisfy with our products and services and our experts always try their best for clients. We also provide expert selection and installation assistance, thus we specialize to provide good Colour Measuring Devices. We always ready to help you.