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Portable Spectrophotometer CM-2500d/2600d

Portable Spectrophotometer

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Features of Portable Spectrophotometer

  • Portable spectrophotometer for color measurement in India, Mumbai to worldwide for exact colour measuring.
  • Portable spectrophotometer price in India and globally flexible with quality assurance
  • One handed, light weighted, portable and easy-to-move spectrophotometer.
  • Only 2 controls needed to operate the device - scroll and measure.
  • Colorimetric data and color difference can be quickly seen on the device.
  • Bright, illuminated viewer with display reversing technology.
  • KM's numerical gloss control technology can show SCI and SCE measurements.
  • In combination with the SPectraMagic NX software, the user can easily view, edit and evaluate the data to check for advanced quality control functions.
  • The software can fetch the data from the device, analyse it and print it.
  • For paper industry - Inbuilt software with all the required formula of ISO brightness 2470, Whiteness CIE, Yellowness Index (ASTM E - 313), L*a*b, dE* etc

Applications of Portable Spectrophotometer

Automobile, Chemical, Construction, Cosmetics, Electronics, Food, Medical, Paint, Pharmaceuticals and Plastics. Portable spectrophotometer for color measurement since 1980 with assured quality and safety